Small Business Consulting

Helping small businesses compete in a crowded marketplace.

Small Business Consulting

Starting a new venture is daunting, our small business consulting services will make you feel like a bigger fish in the big pond. Our expertise is in helping small and medium size business with business planning, operations, spreadsheets, marketing, sales, and more.

After talking with you about what you are looking to do and how you are going about doing it, we will help you lay out goals, strategies, objectives and tactics to hit your numbers. We act for small businesses like the KPMGs of the world do for big business. We help you form a board of advisors and gain the insights from other professionals. All this helps you avoid wasting valuable money and time and keeps you moving forward.

We help you write a mission statement and tagline, define value-propositions, what’s special about your offerings, understand who your target customers are, where best to spend your money, keywords and hashtags that relate to you, build or refine your website for ultimate engagement, marketing plans, sales SLA’s, processes, pro-forma’s, financial projections and more.

Get started with our Simple Steps SMB Tool.

Existing Account Growth Strategy.

If you don’t have a plan for your existing accounts you are leaving money on the table. Your existing accounts need a custom growth strategy. We help you define and build a series of programs to engage and amplify your install-base accounts with health checks and growth plans. Put your existing accounts on a track for their success which will in turn build your business.

We will also help you find white space and greenfield opportunities. A greenfield opportunity refers to a marketplace or area that is completely untapped and free for the taking.

There is a lot to do everyday for your business and with our support you are going to feel like you are moving faster than you imagined.

For your small business needs, contact GCG to discuss a plan for success. 

We have the track record to prove it.

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