An OTT video platform is a strategy that your business needs to engage as it provides focussed content with leadgen and subscription options.

Subscription Income

OTT “Over the Top”

OTT Video Platform Over the Top. Think of it in terms of Netflix compared with your cable or satellite tv service.​ The opportunity is being driven by people cutting the cord and opting for picking the content they want to engage with, where, when, and on whatever internet-connected device they want.​ The ROI on OTT is through customer acquisition and retention: subscription income and lead generation


Lead Generation

Why OTT and Why Now?

Last year alone global OTT video platform revenue jumped 33% to 68 billion, and studies show this growth will only continue reaching $159 billion by 2024. What part of this growth wil you share in?

Jam Tracks OTT

Now You Too Can Play With The Band

Jam Tracks Case Study

Practice, study and interaction are the hallmarks of great music, not everyone has the right time or the right place. The OTT platform has solved many musicians issue of carving out the right moment to engage.


iCoat Case Study

For years iCoat would service training on DVD to its installers and tradesmen. This cam e with the issue of outdated tech and updates. The new OTT platform has solved all this plus created a place for users to interact and learn from Tim Phelps and over skilled artisans.

iCoat Flooring Training

Customer Training to become skilled in working with decorative concrete and epoxy.

iCoat Products OTT Service


Let GCG Be Your OTT Experts

Great so you have content, how are you going to market it to the masses? Who are your sweet-spot, good-fit customers? GCG is your marketing partner driving business for entrepreneurs. If your content is New or Catalog, we can help it become a money-making asset for your business.


What Content Works Best?

As of our June 2020 Publishing Date

OTT Good Fit Content


OTT Marketing Strategy

Understanding your Goals and Objectives

We have partnered with Vimeo to provide our clients with the best possible service.​

Your OTT marketing strategy will be just one element of your business. We streamline the setup, facilitation, and time-to-value for you so you can focus on what you are good at.​ Plus, once your OTT platform is ready for primetime, it will need to be managed and marketed to realize the full value of it.​

GCG will be your partner and brings expertise in content production, marketing, and driving lead generation and customer acquisition.

Let your content start driving your future business

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