Event Marketing

Trade Shows, Conferences, Webinars

Trade Shows, Conferences.

Over the years event marketing best practices have grown in importance. Our team has managed budgets for conferences and trade shows in the range of tens of thousands of dollars to just shy of one million dollars. When a business decides to spend big on an event, every last detail has to be thought through to maximize the ROI. We can help you with the planning, execution, and measuring of your event.

It is really important with onsite events that you have clearly defined expectations and rules of engagement for everyone working the event. Communication between stakeholders is critical and to lessen the stress makes sure you have phones and walkie talkies to communicate quickly and reduce the amount of things that can go wrong. Choose your food in advance and survey your attendees, you don’t want to forget that vegetarian who ends up making the lack of food choices an issue that overshadows a great event.

We have executed events nationwide and know how to scale. Our trade show planning will help your team come away from an event with the objectives executed getting them closer to meeting sales and marketing goals.

Webinars and Online Events

Webinars are now a major source of engagement and lead generation in organizations. They are convenient, cost-effective and the content is easy to have available on-demand for ongoing engagement. Tools like GoToWebinar, On24 or Webex are excellent options.

We hosted webinars for many different industries over the years and have had great success bringing in quality leads that led to closed business. If this isn’t already part of your strategy, you have to start today.

If you need support for your event marketing best practices and event management, GCG can help.

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