CRM | Data Management

Data Integrity, Lead Identification, Funnel Management

CRM | Data Management

Any successful business needs CRM | Data Management to fully understand who its customers are, who its target prospects are, what it defines as “Sweet-spot, good-fit” prospects, and manage that data. The downside of poor data management is wasted money marketing to the wrong prospects and missing the opportunity to grow the footprint of existing customers.

There are a lot of businesses still managing their customer lists on excel spreadsheets. If they added up the extra time and energy they spent doing it this way they would soon explore solutions like Hubspot’s CRM, which to get started is free. If you haven’t yet, you should check Hubspot out.


If you consider data is worth around $1 per contact in your CRM, so, if 40% of it degrades annually, what does this do to your outreach potential?
We have a Data Integrity program to help you fix that problem.

Data integrity

Studies show (Zoominfo) data degrades at about 40% annually, it can be people moving jobs, changing email, moving, dying, to name but a few reasons. So the job of maintaining good records and now and again washing that data is an important task. When you have a big announcement to make and you get ready to blast out that all-important email, the last thing you want to happen is to have a high bounce rate and get your reputation score lowered and the ability to reach out cut off. You need a plan in place to append your data and maintain its integrity.


Zoominfo awarded us for our documented efforts in data integrity. We showed how you can take a tired and outdated dataset and make it work for you as a valuable asset.


Funnel Management

Once your customer and prospect lists are being managed correctly, you can then begin working prospects through your funnel and measure the progress and velocity of deals. This gives your business the insights needed to ramp up staff and capitalize on the upside of business while protecting your business from future downturns.

For help getting set up with a CRM, managing your data, and building out complex funnels, GCG can help you achieve your goals.

It's a Data-driven World, We can help.

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