Brand Marketing

Image, Identity, Differentiation, Positioning, Voice.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing. What is your brand? Yes, it is a serious question because so many businesses do not understand what a brand really is and the effect it has on your customers and business. No, it is not just your logo, it is so much more than that. Your brand is everything, the colors you use, the logo, tagline, mission statement, differentiation, positioning, experience, identity, your people, and the promises and agreements you make. It is what give the customer the confidence to choose your products or services over the competition.

The use of a brand is different for services companies than it is for organizations like Frito Lay that have multiple brands under their umbrella and they should be treated differently.

Over the years I have heard over and over again about how someone vows to never do business with that brand again. It is never because they don’t like the logo or even the collateral that is produced. More often than not, it is the broken promises that lead customers to feel cheated, lied to and unvalued.

If you are getting ready for a rebrand or establishing a brand for a new business and want some help maintaining clarity and consistency, we have been through this multiple times and we can share that brand marketing experience with you to make your brand shine.

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