Content Marketing Copywriting

Your words form your voice that echoes through the marketplace


Content Marketing Copywriting

Content marketing, copywriting. The words, phrases, and copy that you use to describe your business, products, and services are powerful tools in defining your brand and your offerings. The words you use will ultimately define who will and won’t become a customer of yours.


It is really important to offer well-written, creative, and correct copy on your websites, brochures, and business communications. You are judged by the words you use and your professionalism. The importance of spell check and grammar checks cannot be understated. Consistency within your published works is also a key factor in driving deeper engagement with prospects which will only help generate more leads. Use ChatGPT but don’t count on it for accuracy, it is just another tool to help you build the copy you are looking to publish.

Case Studies & Testimonials

When you have a great story to tell about how your products and services have enriched the lives of your customers it is time to tell that story so others will want you to do the same for them. Case studies go deeper than just a customer testimonial which should be a quick hit on benefits. Case studies need to have 3 distinct sections, Problem, Solution, Benefits. When you need to create well-written case studies, having the right process in place to get them done correctly, timely, and with the right permissions is crucial.


With all the restrictions on travel and the advances in technology, being able to make a virtual pitch or presentation is valuable to your business. But where do you start. Webinars should be part of a greater content marketing strategy to tell your story, to offer a valuable engagement and to generate leads. Those attending your webinars will be at least MQLs and potentially SQLs ready to be dispositioned in line with your sales and marketing agreements.


A very popular form of content engagement today is podcasts. The top 3 outlets are Apple, Spotify and Google. Our strategy is to make sure our client’s podcasts are available on every platform including iHeart, Youtube and more. But don’t just gravitate to that shiny object without a plan. Your podcast strategy should be planned in advance and created and published on a schedule.


OTT stands for “Over the Top.” Think of it in terms of Netflix compared with your cable or satellite tv service.​ The opportunity is being driven by people cutting the cord and opting for picking the content they want to engage with, where, when, and on whatever internet-connected device they want.​ We have partnered with Vimeo to provide our clients with the best possible service. This is a great new tool for subscription income and lead generation. Learn more about GCG OTT Services.

Content Strategy

You can’t do everything, no Fortune 500 companies ever do everything. Marketing your business is like a menu, you need to make good decisions about where and how to spend your marketing dollars. What content types will your target prospects engage with? Once you make a few good bets you can start to form a content strategy that will lay out what you need to create and publish and on what kind of timeline.

If you are struggling to align a successful marketing strategy, reach out to us for a chat, we can help.


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