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Event marketing is now a critical element in marketing with a lot of companies appointing official positions on teams for a singular focus in this. Not every business has the bandwidth to retain an FTE so they reach out to us to help them achieve specific event goals.

With more people working remotely, less traveling, and more online webinars, events are a great way to turn prospects into leads. Webinars and online meetings can bring prospects to the table and the content and presentation can convert them into leads. We help with the setup, registration, invitations, content, and preparation to make sure your virtual events are professional, effective, and seamless.

Physical events like trade shows and user conferences require a lot of preparation, negotiation, and follow-through to make sure you make a lasting impression on your attendees. We can assist or handle the entire event for you from start to finish.

Yarnell Fire Concert – Ch12 News

Ian Faith - Yarnell Fire Concert

August 5th, 2013, Yarnell fire concert – In the wake of the Yarnell Hill Fire disaster that took the lives of so many great first responders in Arizona. Ian Faith and GCG put together a charity concert to raise money for the 100 Club of Arizona, an organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance […]