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A customer relationship management tool (CRM) is the bedrock of your business. Your data is the lifeblood of your business and with unhealthy data, your business will never succeed. CRM data management is a critical element that a lot of businesses do not take seriously enough.

Data degrades at 40% annually according to recent surveys this means that without the correct attention to your database you could be losing the ability to grow your business every day.

Understanding your pipeline, your prospects, and customers, and when and how to communicate with them is everything. Starting with healthy data, you need to know that you have the right contacts at the right companies, not on a fishing expedition.

We are experts in CRM and Data Management. We have helped large organizations do data integrity initiatives and rebuild CRMs so their business hums along.

We can help you too.

Customer Data Management Award Winner – Zoominfo

Customer Data Management

Boston, MA. Aug 2018, Ian Faith and Donald Quattroccio receive the 2018 Zoominfo Customer Data Management / Data Integrity Award for their stewardship of company data for AFS Technologies. Ian Faith, SVP of Global Marketing noted that the work they were doing to make sure that AFS’ data was intact and being appended so they […]