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A case study should include 3 very important elements, Problem, Solution, and Benefits. This will tell the story of how you were able to firstly, identify and understand the problem that was holding back the organization. Secondly, figure out a way to solve this problem and apply a strategy and tactics to correct the situation. Finally, use KPIs and data analysis to measure the effectiveness of the lift.

Well presented case studies in 2021 should be 1 to 2 pages max. The days of lengthy case studies have gone as very few people want to read in that kind of depth, they just want you to lay out the three principles and get to the point.

Video is also a great vehicle for delivering this message but first put pen to paper, click away on that keyboard, or use dictation but get the story down so you can proliferate it into multiple formats.

iCoat Products Case Study

iCoat Products OTT Service

Business Analyst and eCommerce Experience.  iCoat Products Case Study Published/Updated April 2021   Problem iCoat Products a manufacturer and retail of decorative concrete and epoxy products had found its business in a state of stagnation. Years of selling to the same accounts with little growth saw the company getting by but not getting ahead. Their website and […]

How to Elude the Pitfalls of Working on Contingency, Partnering, or on a Promise.


So you have been asked by a friend about working on contingency. These friends, acquaintances, or business owners want to work on building a business on contingency, meaning you are doing all this based on promises being made and you will only get paid when you generate income or reach certain milestones like landing new […]

Top 10 Things I Learned My First Time Using Art Resin Epoxy

Art Resin Molds

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Art Resin Epoxy, how much fun it is to work with, and the creativity that it can bring out in you. Cutting boards, river tables, tumblers, decorations, coasters, jewelry, I could go on. Plus, I like to be artistic but I also like to make utilitarian things – […]