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When “Price” is Your Sales Pain Point – You Need Solutions.

There are very few businesses where price does not become an issue. In every industry there is a lot of competition, ultimately that is going to cause price pressures. When you review your annual P&L, increasing profits by a few percentage points is going to have a positive impact on your bottom line. Plus the […]

How to Start a Meaningful Business in Your Community

Business is a community. While more and more entrepreneurs are focusing on the global market than ever before, there are some legitimate benefits to starting a business in your local community. For one, it’s a way for you to contribute to the local economy, as new businesses increase the dollar value of whatever city and […]

Small Business Growth Tool

FREE Small Business Growth Tool to Evaluate Your Business Hi, I’m Ian Faith with Global Creative Group, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I invite you to use this free small business growth tool. I put this together for you, simple steps to growing your business deck. What I want you to do is take this deck. […]