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NFT Golf Tour Launches a Fantasy Sports Experience, the Gamification of Gaming

Scottsdale, Ariz, Sept 27, 2021, The NFT Golf Tour, a fantasy sports experience, today announced its official launch. It is the gamification of gaming. It combines the exciting NFT space, gaming, fantasy sports, and the golf world. It provides players the opportunity to be more engaged with golf on a weekly basis and wager on […]

Arte Arta Gallery Launches New Website to Shine the Light on Amazing International Artists from Syria, Sudan, Peru and France.

GCG, NFT consultants and incubator, proudly announces the launch of the new Arte Arta Gallery online with a focus on unique art offerings from notable niche artists, many of which have experienced oppression in their home countries. Arte Arta Gallery showcases the human experience behind the works on display. The gallery aims to promote art […]

You have something to sell, I’ll get you customers.

Fundamentally, this is what every marketeer in essence should say to their client “You have something to sell, I’ll get you customers.” Marketing cannot afford to come up empty and not deliver results, and that means money in the bank.  Here is how we back up this statement for our clients and hold ourselves accountable. […]

The Solution When “Price” is Your Sales Pain Point.

How do you differentiate your products and services offerings from the competition to protect your prices?  Several factors can appeal to customers over pure price. Brand equity, trust, positive reviews, and associated value-added services. Have you clearly defined your value proposition? Sales and marketing alignment needs to have done their job in advance. Your website […]

When “Price” is Your Sales Pain Point – You Need Solutions.

There are very few businesses where price does not become an issue. In every industry there is a lot of competition, ultimately that is going to cause price pressures. When you review your annual P&L, increasing profits by a few percentage points is going to have a positive impact on your bottom line. Plus the […]

How to Start a Meaningful Business in Your Community

Business is a community. While more and more entrepreneurs are focusing on the global market than ever before, there are some legitimate benefits to starting a business in your local community. For one, it’s a way for you to contribute to the local economy, as new businesses increase the dollar value of whatever city and […]

Small Business Growth Tool

FREE Small Business Growth Tool to Evaluate Your Business Hi, I’m Ian Faith with Global Creative Group, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I invite you to use this free small business growth tool. I put this together for you, simple steps to growing your business deck. What I want you to do is take this deck. […]