Ideation Marketing Chief – Does your company have that position filled?

Businesses don’t think they need marketing — until they realize that they really need marketing. But what do they exactly mean by marketing? I had a really interesting conversation with an SVP friend of mine, a really smart and creative guy who is also in a marketing leadership role. We get together to chat, network, […]

What Makes a Good NFT Investment in 2021?

A Good NFT Investment – Digital Marketing Futures What makes a good NFT investment? I don’t think it needs explaining what NFTs are anymore, if you’re paying attention to the crypto business landscape and you have any inkling about Blockchain you probably realize by now something is going on in the same manner that the […]

How to Elude the Pitfalls of Working on Contingency, Partnering, or on a Promise.

So you have been asked by a friend about working on contingency. These friends, acquaintances, or business owners want to work on building a business on contingency, meaning you are doing all this based on promises being made and you will only get paid when you generate income or reach certain milestones like landing new […]

AIDA – Hierarchy of Effects Model

You have to use these advertising secrets. One of the simplest but most effective rules for marketing and advertising creatives that I have found over years attracting prospects is AIDA. I remember reading about it in school and it hit me as so intuitive and I immediately adopted it into everything that I do. From high-tech software […]

Small Business Growth Tool

FREE Small Business Growth Tool to Evaluate Your Business Hi, I’m Ian Faith with Global Creative Group, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I invite you to use this free small business growth tool. I put this together for you, simple steps to growing your business deck. What I want you to do is take this deck. […]