Ian Faith

Ian Faith
CEO / Founder

Marketing executive with 30+ years leading enterprise business at all stages of marketing maturity.

The value we provide your business is over 30 years of growing companies by delivering impactful marketing strategies that work. We have championed global enterprise software, supply chain, erp, tpx, retail execution, food, and automotive.
We are leading the way in building strategies for brands in the NFT space.
Small businesses count on us for growth in entertainment, music, fashion, real estate, consumer products, services, and beyond.
We have the team experience you need to work with you to drive your business further. When you think an average small business will staff up and allocate $750k to marketing without spending a penny on outreach.
With GCG you get the best-skilled professionals without the headaches of HR, benefits, and in-house politics. Let GCG test flight a couple of campaigns for you and you will see the benefits in partnering your marketing dollars with us.

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