Slash Your Lead Data Budget and Improve Your Lead Quality

The market is flooded with lead data providers, and costs can escalate quickly. I’ve seen firsthand how many sales and marketing teams get allocated a monthly data pull, often resulting in a dataset that is only about 20% accurate and useful. This means a staggering 80% of the data – and the investment – is wasted.

You ask: Doesn’t this happen in every business? It does, but there is a better way.

Just as every business function has its experts, data acquisition is a specialized skill mastered by a select few. Here’s what we do differently to ensure you get the most out of your lead data:

  1. Assess Your Lead Data Strategy
    • How many leads do you need to meet your pipeline goals at a specific conversion rate?
    • Have you identified your prime targets and your next-level contacts?
  2. Evaluate Your Current Spend
    • What is your current lead data expenditure?
    • Are you applying the right filters to obtain a higher-quality dataset?
  3. Source Optimization
    • Are you pulling from the best sources for your specific industry?

These are just a few aspects we scrutinize to ensure you receive a superior set of lead data at a significantly reduced cost.

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