Arte Arta Gallery Launches New Website to Shine the Light on Amazing International Artists from Syria, Sudan, Peru and France.

GCG, NFT consultants and incubator, proudly announces the launch of the new Arte Arta Gallery online with a focus on unique art offerings from notable niche artists, many of which have experienced oppression in their home countries. Arte Arta Gallery showcases the human experience behind the works on display. The gallery aims to promote art as a vehicle for social transformation. With art becoming a new investment focus the timing was right to spotlight the works that are featured in the Arte Arta Gallery.

Nour Chamoun the curator of Arte Arta Gallery hails from Aleppo, Syria, a city torn apart by war and conflict. Through this tragedy, Nour settled in Montreal, Canada, and founded Arte Arta Gallery to help artists to promote and sell their works to a global audience. She wanted to be part of expressing something beautiful, something that talks to the heart—ART. As part of her curator work, she helps art collectors and interior designers find those special art pieces and collections for their homes and businesses.

The new website accepts submissions from artists from around the globe, many of which are ignored by the larger galleries. The collections are stunning in the stories they tell and impart culture and beauty in their works. One can feel that they are transported out of their current environment and into another culture. Submit your Artwork.

Discover Art: Each month the gallery features an artist. This September discover Boutros Al-Maari. Born in Damascus, Syria in 1968, Boutros al-Maari currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Al-Maari graduated with a Printmaking degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus in 1991. His artwork ranges in price from $1,700 to $4,300 and are acrylic paintings on canvas and on wood. Other items in this artist’s collection have been sold at Christie’s auction house for fifteen thousand euros ($17,800 USD). Boutros Al-Maari artwork will continue to appreciate in value for art collectors.

Other Arte Arta Gallery works that are trending are “Black Magic Woman” by Samir Osman, “The Thinker” by Rana Lotfi, “African Warrior” by Samir Osman “Syrian Sarcophaguses”  by Nizar Sabor and “Virtues” by Sarah Arensi. 

“Our primary objective is to connect great artwork by amazing artists with sophisticated buyers and collectors. We can help you find that unique piece or choose from the special works we curate.” Nour noted, “Art plays a very important role in our lives, we need beauty more than any time before and art helps us to experience beauty.”

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