Rainforest Foundation US Teams With Artist Pimptronot to Raise Funds to Fight Deforestation, Climate Crisis, and Human Rights Violations Using NFTs.

August 9th, 2021. GCG, NFT consultants and incubator, proudly announces the Rainforest Foundation US has partnered with EDM and NFT artist Pimptronot to release a 50 piece Human-Animal art collection set within one of Pimptronot’s spectacularly handcrafted VR NFT Galleries. Here is a link to the work on Opensea.io The Rainforest Foundation tackles the major challenges of our day: deforestation, the climate crisis, and human rights violations. The buyer of this NFT will be making a major contribution to this non-profit 501C3 RFUS, helping indigenous communities in Central and South America in their fight against illegal deforestation. This is vital to help ensure that tropical forests can keep capturing and storing carbon while also producing fresh air and clean water for generations to come. https://rainforestfoundation.org

Rain Forest NFT Gallery

The Gallery itself looks like it was inspired by the Parisian gallery, Musée d’Orsay, with simple rooms, high ceilings, gorgeous crown molding, white porcelain statues, and golden encrusted frames holding the 50 piece collection set to the musical procurement of Pimptronot’s hit song, “Rain Forest Dance”. 

The collection is of various animal heads superimposed onto human bodies. Displaced from their natural world not wanting to accept their fate. The colorful portraits of animals such as lions, goats, monkeys, and foxes stare matter of factly against a comic strip, Lichtensteinesque backgrounds. “This is an approach to connecting nature in a symbolic way to the deep and often detrimental instincts of the wild side of the human psyche” noted Pimptronot

Pimptronot continues to be a philanthropic artist in all his endeavors. He recently released his humanitarian NFT ‘Salvator Mundi’ (Savior of the World) to attract a buyer to help the homeless in NYC. The release would be the most expensive NFT painting in the world, valued at 260,000 ETH. Here is a link to the work on Opensea.io “Pimptronot is to the digital art world as Banksy is to the streets.” Shannon from 5WPR

The buyer of this work will not only be adding an inspiring work of art to their collection but will also be impacting the earth in a positive direction as the majority of the proceeds from the Human-Animal Collection NFT sale will go directly to benefit the Rainforest Foundation to continue its partnership with indigenous peoples. The Foundation needs your help to continue to tackle the major challenges of our day: deforestation, the climate crisis, and human rights violations. “Help us connect a wealthy buyer who can turn some of their blessings towards a greater global good,” said Pimptronot.


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