Virtual Galleries Allow Remote Access to NFT Art Collections – The Museum of Modern Pimptronot, NFT Digital Art Gallery Drop – The Louvre Museum in Paris

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GCG, NFT consultants and incubator, proudly announces the NFT Gallery drop “The Museum of Modern Pimptronot – Double Head” a first release virtual gallery showcasing 48 digital NFT paintings in its art collection. Here is a link to the work on This multi-talented mixed-media artist is prolific in his creations of Art, Music, and Design. He incorporates messaging and themes that encourage giving back and building a more compassionate society. ArtNet notes “In the year 2021, Pimptronot is a new Andy Warhol. A true visionary and mirror for contemporary popular culture.” 

“This is the future of art,” says Pimptronot, “A virtual art gallery is an interactive experience that can take many forms. We’re seeing that on digital platforms it’s effective in the building of art communities which is vital. It’s also an eco-friendly and cost-effective way of complementing a traditional gallery or museum.” Many art aficionados will stomp their feet at innovation, but the Louvre Museum in Paris has already placed its enormous collections of more than 480,000 items online where you can now virtually walk the halls. 

These virtual galleries will allow owners and curators of art collections to display and promote their collections to a much broader audience and offer a preview of works available for sale as NFTs or digital renderings of physical works. It will allow access to galleries for the underprivileged and school-aged children that do not have equitable access to fine art through their art classes due to location restrictions. 

“There are truly no more barriers to entry. Artists have more tools and visibility than ever. That’s why, in addition to the messaging in my work, I want to show people that autonomy and opportunity as an artist is possible,” said Pimptronot. “Already I have had private buyers purchasing customer creations from me by virtue of my presence in the NFT space.” He also created a digital NFT picture frame to circulate them in real-time in the owner’s home, showcasing the digital art they own. 

Pimptronot recently released his humanitarian NFT ‘Salvator Mundi’ (Savior of the World) to attract a buyer to help the homeless in NYC. The release would be the most expensive NFT painting in the world, valued at 260,000 ETH. Here is a link to the work on 

“Before long, virtual galleries will be commonplace in the NFT world as it is a fantastic way to showcase collections,” remarked Ian Faith of GCG NFT consultants and incubator. “We are now getting major brands, music catalogs, and galleries contacting us to build these showcases for them. It is such an exciting space.” 


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