Will Pimptronot’s  “Double Face Salvator Mundi,” Become The Most Expensive NFT Painting in The World, As He Donates 99% of Profits to Helping the Homeless in NYC?

Will Pimptronot’s  “Double Face Salvator Mundi,” Become The Most Expensive NFT Painting in The World, As He Donates 99% of Profits to Helping the Homeless in NYC? 

New York City, June 28th, 2021. Will Pimptronot’s “Double Face Salvator Mundi,” become the Most Expensive NFT Painting in the World, as he donates 99% of profits to helping the homeless in NYC?  

EDM and Experiential Artist, Pimptronot showcases the release of the most expensive NFT painting in the world, valued at 260,000 ETH, which is currently roughly 500 million dollars. Ethereum is currently floating around $2,000 per coin. The piece pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi.” Here is a link to the work on Opensea.io  

Raking in more than $450 million at Christie’s New York in 2016 after a drawn-out 19-minute-long bidding war, “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci became the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction, raking in more than $450 million at Christie’s Auction House in New York in 2016. The original work depicts Christ signaling the cross with his right hand and holding a translucent orb in his left. Despite all the attention paid to the work, many historians cast doubt on whether Leonardo really painted “Salvator Mundi?”  

Pimptronot’s work is titled “Double Face Salvator Mundi”, which feels less inspired by Da Vinci and more akin to Salvador Dali. A hand removes the mask of Christ to reveal the same Christ, but smaller, like a Matryoshka Russian doll. A white bridge with a dancing woman cascades alongside orbs which distracts from a gorgeously broken painting. “This NFT is a signifier to the death of a sick society and the renaissance of something new. The artworld is often not transparent and values art only after the artist is dead. I want to challenge them that NFT’s beckon in a new era where new digital art has more value now than traditional art had then. In addition to that, with the sale I will do something good,” says Pimptronot.  

We are looking for the hedge fund managers and billionaires of New York to step up and make history with us. This won’t only be a big day for NFTs and the cryptocurrency markets, it will be a turnaround for humanity. The purchaser of “Double Face Salvator Mundi” will also make art history forever by not only stamping the moment that NFTs have more future value than the traditional masters but by contributing to solving the homelessness crisis in New York. 99 percent of the net proceeds from “Double Face Salvator Mundi” is to be used to create sustainable homeless shelters throughout the state of New York removing prison congestion and improving the lives of the community.   

“I’ve always liked to play with meta themes,” says Pimptronot. “So ‘Salvator Mundi’ means Savior of the World. Let’s start this humanitarian turnaround in New York City.“ 


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