Finding Value NFTs on with lower Ethereum Prices

On May 11th, 2021 Ethereum hit a high price of $4,132.76 against the US Dollar, a year ago it was at $234 a coin, today, as I write this it hovers around $1,730. Analysts are looking for a stable trading range and less of this volatility in pricing. I believe this range resides between $1,500 and $2,500 against the USD. The current volatility I believe is being driven by greedy governments that want both a piece of the action but more onerously, control over you and your wealth.

One thing is sure though, cryptocurrency and I believe Ethereum is here to stay. Several things point to this including the retail investor engagement including the excitement around the NFT marketplace and brokerage houses acquiring large amounts of Ethereum as they look to the future of the Ethereum Blockchain.

The NFT marketplace saw a ton of offerings enter the space as the price climbed around $4,000 with speculators looking to cash in on this NFT Art run. There were also a lot of more sound value-based offerings that were priced well at $4,000 and now with the price drop are a real value. 

Here are a few to watch. 

Notice that these NFTs are NOT Art-driven, they are value-driven by promissory notes in the metadata and secured via the smart contract.

VeeFriends by Gary Vaynerchuk [LINK to it on] offers value beyond his doodles, by getting exclusive access to his conferences and engagement with Gary and his team, this is a really smart use of the NFT token. If you buy it now and the price goes up and you can’t go to his sold-out events, selling it could make you a nice profit.

Embrace Impact Motivational Golf Brand [LINK to it on] here is an investment opportunity in a smart brand that now has an entry point half its price with the ability to acquire its merchandise at cost. An investment here could pay great long-term dividends and is protected by the additional value in the metadata and smart contract.

Vegas Shadow Bar, a theme night entertainment brand [LINK to it on] is a sought out utility of the nightclub and bar industry offers a subscription to their service that usually runs at $249 annually toyed with the idea of NFTs that also gave the buyer an annual subscription at a price equivalent to $125 to drive the NFT interest, now these tokens can be purchased for $57 great savings and a real value play.

If you have insights into more NFT offerings that have real value imparted into them please let us know by submitting them on our website.