Global Creative Group (GCG) Proudly Announces Representation of NFT Multi-Media Artist, Face Mask DJ, and CAD Designer PIMPTRONOT


Scottsdale AZ, May 26, 2021, Global Creative Group (GCG) a digital futures marketing agency proudly announces Representation of NFT Multi-Media Artist, Face Mask DJ, and CAD Designer PIMPTRONOT. In an agreement recently inked, GCG will be representing PIMPTRONOT and his collection of NFTs minted on “This is a talent that spans industries and generations and brings them together,” noted Ian Faith of GCG who has a history of assessing talent “The sky is the limit when it comes to potential.”  

Pimptronot has produced incredible digital works that make the mind spin with possibilities. His NFT “The Museum of Modern Pimptronot – NFT VR Gallery” on is a modern masterpiece. Pimptronot has mirrored and mastered multiple levels of popular culture within the digital landscape. He makes his own art, creates galleries, the music to accompany it, and he created the first digital NFT picture frame that exists in physical form, which can circulate in real-time in an owner’s home, showcasing the digital art they own. His NFT offerings are for real collectors and philanthropists as he has a big heart for charitable endeavors and wants to use the proceeds to forward his cause of helping the homeless in NYC.  

Opensea NFT
Pimptronot Gallery Screen Grab

One of the leading forward thinkers in business and around NFTs is entrepreneur and owner of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk who just launched his NFT offering VeeFriends. “Without a strategy to create demand by building, accessing, and engaging a community for your NFT offerings you are going to just be froth.” Paraphrasing Vaynerchuk “I believe NFTs are the future and supply will explode in 2021, so think about how you will stand out.”  

GCG will also represent PIMPTRONOT to interface as an NFT multi-media CAD designer for brands GCG is working with that want to grow and develop their brand via an NFT strategy with smart contracts. The NFT space is an industry approaching a tipping point that will explode and everyone will be scrambling to have a seat at the table. The combination of creativity, strategic thinking, CAD design, entrepreneurial vision, and NFT market knowledge and expertise makes GCG a future-proofed digital agency. As an example, Galleries are going to be providing people the ability to support them via NFTs with virtual tours that can be exhibited in their own homes, touring exhibit expose’s, accepting donations and endowments in cryptocurrency, and generating NFTs that tie to memberships to raise money for their growth.  

NFTs will grow a brands’ social currency into the distant future and change industries forever. Now is the time to start building your own NFT strategy. 



Pimptronot is an NFT Multi-Media Artist, EDM Music Producer, and EDM face-mask artist and DJ based out of New York City. He has been a ghost-producer in the past for artists like Avicii, Frankie Knuckles, and James Stinson. He has produced and remixed over 100 records for an all-star roster of multi-platinum artists, including U2, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. This TomorrowLand DJ has also designed some of the coolest shoes for you to wear. His work in the NFT space is groundbreaking in combining his artistic talent with his CAD design expertise. 

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Alive Shoes Sneakers Designed by PIMPTRONOT 

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