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iCoat Products Case Study Published/Updated April 2021



iCoat Products a manufacturer and retail of decorative concrete and epoxy products had found its business in a state of stagnation. Years of selling to the same accounts with little growth saw the company getting by but not getting ahead. Their website and systems were antiquated and they were losing market share to old and new competitors coming into their space.


The first thing we did was to break down the business into parts that could be evaluated for future value. Working closely with the business owner we started to take a focussed holistic look at the business. We rebuilt a new website in 3 parts splitting off the builder side of the business that had more expertise and higher contract values and the Artist side of users working in epoxy resin and wood crafts. We reworked labeling and descriptions adding use cases and tutorials. We reworked the value-propositions and the mission statement of the company so we knew the true north. Then we broke down the accounts into groups where we could evaluate each customer with health checks and an account growth strategy, we wanted them to do better so we could grow their accounts. We added marketing assets that they needed to communicate with their customers and in turn, we saw order volumes and contract values rise.


We now have a more connected and happier customer base that is more aware of the differentiated products that iCoat owns that can help them win more jobs. The iCoat Network helped educate them, making them more valuable as contractors and winning them more jobs that use iCoat Products. The artist side was streamlined so orders could be executed with minimal interaction and combined with our social media campaign we grew the affiliate program to grow the artist customer base via networks. In Jan 2021 we recorded an 86% YoY increase in income that continued through the first quarter of the year. 

iCoat Products is now on track to increase its value as a business and record higher income and profits than in any previous year.

iCoat Products Case Study