AIDA – Hierarchy of Effects Model

You have to use these advertising secrets. One of the simplest but most effective rules for marketing and advertising creatives that I have found over years attracting prospects is AIDA. I remember reading about it in school and it hit me as so intuitive and I immediately adopted it into everything that I do. From high-tech software sales to consumer goods and even promoting the kid’s school play AIDA works, it stimulates the human brain.

So here is the skinny on it.

The steps of the AIDA model are as follows:

  • Attention – The consumer becomes aware of your category, product, or brand.
  • Interest – The consumer becomes interested in learning about benefits & how it fits with their lifestyle
  • Demand – The consumer is encouraged to act with massaging like “Limited time” “50% Off”
  • Action – The consumer is presented with a Call-to-Action. This is where you ASK the question.

You will see a few variants of this hierarchal model but this one has served me well over the years. It makes you take a step back and ask “Have I included all the steps to turn suspects into prospects into customers?” So think about it, does your offer first grab their attention? Does it talk to something that lures them in more and interests them to read more or explore? Is there a desire for them to act sooner rather than later? and do you clearly spell out how they can engage and buy what you are selling?

For products, you want few steps to a sale, a monetary transaction. Your call to action may be to get them to download a white paper and take a step into your funnel. There are many variants and to be successful you need to think these through. If you need help, we are here to assist you. They will be advertising secrets no more.

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