Small Business Growth Tool

FREE Small Business Growth Tool to Evaluate Your Business

Hi, I’m Ian Faith with Global Creative Group, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I invite you to use this free small business growth tool. I put this together for you, simple steps to growing your business deck. What I want you to do is take this deck. I want you to fill it out, simple instructions here, and I want you to be able to make notes on these different pages.

Let’s dig in and you’ll use this Small Business Growth Tool. When you see it, it will really help you grow your business.

So, first, put the name of your business down and also what you want to be paid for. Is it products or services, make sure that the name and what you’re doing makes sense, does it tie together then what’s special about your offering? Why will people pay you for it? This is a value proposition. Is what you’ve got faster? Is it cheaper? Is it, does it do what better> Is it a better price? These are all things you need to think about, is it easier, faster, smarter? These are all parts of your value proposition. They’re going to be in your statements that you make out to customers.

Then where will you be doing business? Is this an online business? Is this a physical business? Write these things down because it could be a variance of several of these. But what you’ll need to do is understand where you’re going to be paying fees, rent, things like that. And this will affect your margins for your business.

Who are your target customer prospects? Don’t fall into the trap of saying that we sell to everybody because no one sells to everybody. Is it men? Is it women? How old are they? Where do they live? This will all help. You formulate a plan where you can really focus on where these people, who you feel when your target group actually is.

What keywords would you use for your customer prospects? What would you use to attract them? We are in an era where we’re going to build on this. There are hashtags, there are keywords, those terms that you use, those phrases, all of this ties into your online world, your presence, your ability for other people to organically find you. And this will be a document that you will keep growing over time.

How do you plan to capture and nurture customer prospects? Is it going to be through telephone calls, emails, newsletters, website? And do you have a CRM? If you don’t, you’ve got to get HubSpot. It’s a fantastic tool.

We are in the era of social media, think it through. I’ve listed a bunch on here, but this is most of the things like Tiktok, Snapchat, and all that, but think about which platform you’re going to use right now. Why you will actually use those particular platforms? And then you can, again, hone your focus.

Are you going to advertise? And you know most people don’t come ready with a whole list of people to contact straight away. So if you’re going to advertise where or in what media are you going to advertise and why? So write that all out. It’s really, really powerful.

Results and Goals

This will all roll up into this business success goals document. So you’ll pin out your gold, do I want to make a million dollars this year? If so, what measurable steps can I take to get there? And there are your objectives. Your strategy is the plan of how to achieve that goal. And then the tactics are what you’re actually going to use to actually meet that goal through your strategies and your objectives. And then you’ve got targets like who are my targets? This is very important that you really define who they actually are.

And then here’s a blank document. This is what you’re going to pen in your own ideas in as well. And you’ll see, when you think to this document, it will really help you focus on growing your business.

So again, these are just the basics we can get into really deep marketing and sales stuff with you here, but I just wanted you to have the basics to get started with, if you have any questions, you can reach out to us at, or visit us on LinkedIn as well, but if you have any questions, get in touch and have a great day and enjoy growing your business.

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