AFS Announces New Equity Investment

Ian Faith with Steven Rugg

As the marketing lead for AFS Technologies, Ian Faith as SVP of Global Marketing helped AFS position itself for a new round of significant private equity investment. It announced that it had reached an agreement with STG Partners (“STG”) in which funds managed by STG have acquired a majority equity interest in AFS. TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. (TSLX or “TSLX”), which has been an investor in AFS since 2011, will retain a meaningful ownership interest in AFS going forward and will continue to support AFS as a financing partner.

As the liaison for the analysts, I guided their relationship to position AFS to be a market leader. Independent analysts, including Gartner and the Promotion Optimization Institute, have ranked AFS software products best-in-class, noting AFS’ differentiation in having implementations across every major geography.

AFS is an established market leader, with an end-to-end consumer goods platform across Trade Promotion, Retail Execution, Mobility, Analytics, Customer Management, Order Management, Warehouse Management, ERP, and automated revenue recognition. It serves leading Food and Beverage CPG companies, including seven of the top 10 constituents of the Forbes Top 100 list. With over 1,300 installations globally, AFS solutions deliver value across tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 customers. AFS is also a Microsoft Globally Managed ISV Partner – managed through the Worldwide OCP team.

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Ian Faith
SVP of Global Marketing

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