Customer Data Management Award Winner – Zoominfo

Customer Data Management

Boston, MA. Aug 2018, Ian Faith and Donald Quattroccio receive the 2018 Zoominfo Customer Data Management / Data Integrity Award for their stewardship of company data for AFS Technologies. Ian Faith, SVP of Global Marketing noted that the work they were doing to make sure that AFS’ data was intact and being appended so they could manage both current customer data and expand the footprint plus get better results from their prospect database.

They implemented Hubspot in late 2017 and during that process found that their current data pool needed even more attention. The relationship with Zoominfo allowed them to build out a robust dataset that would serve AFS in the future.

Data degrades at 40% annually so you need a data integrity program that is ongoing to build your funnel with the right contacts that drive the right prospects and leads through your funnel to close. If you have the wrong info for the CFO your sales team is trying to reach then you are going to be breaking the flow by stopping to search for good data. Your sales and marketing team are relying on you.

Customer data management falls under our CRM data management team. We can do a free analysis for you to help you uncover the problems in your data set and understand the steps you need to take to get back on track to healthy.