Consumer Product Marketing – Virtual Fireplace Tops Amazon

Consumer Product Marketing – Virtual Fireplace DVD Case Study

In 2006 VJWorld Visuals engage GCG for consumer product marketing. With the launch of a go-to-market campaign for its virtual fireplace DVD “Fireplaces, Fishtank & Lava” release in a very busy marketplace for ambient visuals and competing with other releases, GCG set out to find early adopters who could champion the release in its early days.

Within 6 months the release was top of its category and in the top 500 products total on, an amazing feat for a product competing against millions of releases. GCG attribute the success to diligently finding early adopters, making sure the right outlets were serviced, and guaranteeing the supply chain was fulfilling orders without fail. The title sold on over 76 countries with distribution through Hal Leonard and MVD.

Consumer Products Tops’s Chart

Over the years GCG helped sell tens of thousands of the title with it appearing top in its category every Christmas season. It sold so well that its only slow times were in the height of the summer, not surprising for a title that customers dubbed “You can feel the warmth.”

They are known as ambient visuals. They transform your TV with three full-screen soothing visuals! Warm yourself with our selection of comforting Fireplaces, Classic, Modern, or a Campfire for telling stories with the kids. You can give any room an aquatic vibe while enjoying a relaxing Fishtank. Finally, you can chill out to a full-screen Lava Lamp in perpetual motion, made with real lava from the Lava Bubbles DVD!